Heart descends
Deeper and deeper
reaching nadir, end of abyss
Searches for your smell
Nothing around, just silence of solitude
and a faint heart beat,
a rhythmic drum
Beating you, you, you
can you hear, my silent screams
find me, bind me, slit my wrist
Blood gushing through
Calling only you
Return I beg
before death is due

20140224-065947 am.jpg

15 thoughts on “Voyage”

    1. Thank you AD,

      I am ok, it is interesting that I left some humble words at your doorstep and when I got to my home I saw your missive 🙂

      Thank you for coming over, it is always good to have you around. Re this poem, just whatever my heart desires I go with the flow, there is no point fighting with your own heart.If it wants to bleed I say let it, then it sings beautiful songs of joy and I always join in 🙂


      1. I must say that it is interesting, indeed. Always good to hear from you, AD. My doorstep is always welcoming of your poetry.

        I love that you have no fear and write from the heart. I think poets die a little bit each time we don’t let our words flow. I try very hard to allow mine out. Courage I have not enough of, it seems.


    2. And like all beautiful accidents, my comment got posted, look at the title of the second one..absolutely brilliant 🙂 I suggest you delete the other one with my name 🙂


  1. Your poem is powerful and hits deep!
    It feel that way about a person.
    But I also feel it about certain things in nature…like the moon.
    Yes, I’m weird.
    I guess I just wanted to say that your words and feelings are important and speak to those of us who read them. As a poet, you express things that some of us can’t express. You give words/a voice to our feelings.
    Thank you!
    HUGS!!! 🙂


    1. Good to know Carolyn 🙂 I speak from my heart and I am happy that it has few listeners like yourself, thank you for sharing your true feelings here! I am humbled and honoured! Lots of hugs to you 🙂


  2. Whoa, these are really powerful and dark words. Your honesty I truly respect! So many of us bottle up the painful emotions, and here you are, a little healthier for putting to pen, words that describe deep soul pain. Beautifully portrayed. Thank you! xx Amy


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