In a dream, I saw
Garden of Eden
rivers of milk, flowers of heaven
tree of life
Soul still
Just unsatisfied
missed your presence
you who I sought
for whom I fought
battles of will
woke up all bare
sweat running through my hair
a beat then revealed
open secret of billion years
Heart is your home
Most of us wandering
True explorers are some
Don’t want garden
Don’t need heaven
Just let your presence felt
in dark blackened heart
Cure the incurable

20140223-083102 am.jpg

61 thoughts on “Cure”

    1. You did tell
      With soul
      Body trembling
      Coming from your heart
      I wish if can show you
      The day we met
      First glance, from the start
      My heart just change
      It is strange
      only hears your voice
      Listens to you
      Not to me
      If am unsatisfied
      Not free
      No hunger, no pain
      I am going insane
      In your love

      This an old one, still fits perfectly πŸ™‚

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  1. bonjour * AB tu es un vrai poΓ¨te j’aime beaucoup te lire mΓͺme t’Γ©couter mΓͺme parfois faire partie de ton histoire si bien Γ©crite .
    Bon Dimanche mon ami !


    1. Thank you very much, yes all photos on this blog is my photography, this one is of a hotel garden in Nusa Dua beach in Bali, Indonesia πŸ™‚


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