humanity’s finest, bravest girl
changing hearts, souls to sway
stage fright miles away
make aware, removing blame
sapiens, slowly, raising their game
work together, end hostility
bow, oblige, embrace humility
helping, aiding end of the earth
open arms, love in the mirth
tears run away, it is not your day
heart’s power here to stay
will climb mountains, clean fountains
cause is known, seed is sown
make more believe, poverty receives
a hit so great, of human traits
generosity, kindness, selfless devotion,
happiness spreading, free flow emotion
a mere song from the soul
the universe grins, galaxies roll
donate time, wealth, smiles even
show Divine, how hearts being given
stay the course, alive we are
dark skies will clear, redemption is not far
20140704-084308 pm-74588759.jpg

24 thoughts on “Effort”

  1. Have you altered your … creative thinking, AB ? – there’s a difference. Can’t put my finger on it … Good, whatever !


    1. Thanks M-R for the comment, no unfortunately I am not very adaptive when it comes to my ways, same old approach 🙂


  2. Reblogged this on lovehappinessandpeace and commented:
    Here is the POWER OF ONE! A Lone, Brave Girl.

    If You or I would stand and speak or sing, We know just How much We would be Ignored, and that We might even be Mocked. It took Courage for her to stand like this and do it. My Salutations to her.


    1. Absolutely, more and more people like her. Thank you so much for the wonderful encouraging thought about humanity. 🙂


  3. You have written this poem with such simple words which actually brings a great perspective . Definitely inspiring .


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