Placement and pain

your coloured blanket
still lies at the same place
years have passed
unable to remove
you or your blanket
from its rightful place
heart of the room or
Soul of mine
still feel the warmth
of your blanket and you
Life is fickle, death is true
still, why it has to so cruel


19 thoughts on “Placement and pain”

  1. True.
    How inanimate objects
    remain:no longer effect
    with lingering fragrance
    of people loved:transience
    fickle fate sweeps them on
    a destiny to which all are prone
    It is part of the deal
    and yet we cant heal…

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      1. i know you had aptly expressed it already. I just wanted to say something about it. I guess the feelings are universal,consciously or unconsciously so…
        May you have bliss and joy around you and may you be surrounded by your loved ones. Have a great chutti.๐Ÿ˜€

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