words are not enough
pictures, images are mere rough
descriptions, incriptions
of what is being observed

dipping toes in cold water
of a clean clear lake
on a sweaty warm day
in a heaven not far away

need to be felt
when emotions are spelt
with sighs and smiles
even after thousand miles

unable to leave you behind
without realising, conceptualising
suddenly a short walk
turned into a infinite journey

and a mere small town
foregin to the core
with unrponouncable nouns
became a unleavable
unbelievable, destination

20140222-103814 am.jpg

46 thoughts on “Destination”

      1. Your kind of place 🙂 it has beautiful beaches, few volcanos, interesting lakes, streams, national park, amazing temples and lots and lots of shopping 🙂 culturally they are rich as well with some beginning of civilisation tribes right across this lake 🙂


      2. 🙂 due its killer mix, it is quite touristy but as you have experience of Maldives, Bali will not be a problem for you 🙂 way way cheaper than Maldives 🙂


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