Hong Kong – a thoroughly misty dusk

My country men
I go to the dream land
Which is my own
But I need
a right of passage
to reunite my soul
The fog is thick
Ocean so calm
Illuminating bricks
Island in storm

20131227-090257 am.jpg

20131227-090313 am.jpg

20131227-090332 am.jpg

20131227-090348 am.jpg

20131227-090408 am.jpg

20131227-090425 am.jpg

54 thoughts on “Hong Kong – a thoroughly misty dusk”

  1. Hey AB. I love what you do with these pics to make them look so vibrant. I remember living in Hong Kong. I lived on the outskirts, just right across the way from the mainland Chinese border. But I remember going into TST often. I remember going back home on the bus exhausted by all the hustle and bustle and people.

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