bathe we shall

water cleanses birth
readies purifies death
cutting with a lathe
gods came to bathe
one by one,
blue skies, sun
Sol, Orcus, Liber
Janus, Jupiter, Saturn
Genius, Mercury, Apollo,
Neptune, Mars, Vulcan,
Luna, Ceres, Tellus,
Minerva, Diana, Venus
prayed in nature’s girth
in maddening maddening earth
20140630-063245 am-23565229.jpg

25 thoughts on “bathe we shall”

  1. And how do we purify soul? Is it with water that cleans body or it is through ‘thoughts’ that become things..:) Would just like to know your opinion. You are a man of deep insight, I am sure the solution will be around!


    1. By removing envy, jealousy, hatred, arrogance, lust, mistrust, deceit from you heart and mind. By adopting extreme humbleness, recognising extreme limitations of knowledge. This is my most humble opinion and a view which may not worth anything.

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  2. Interesting poem and I love the picture, Bath’s Roman Bathes are fantastic. It’s amazing how hot the water comes up straight from the ground and the statues of the Roman generals are so well preserved.


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