Magical moment

always try
many new things
this one is tough
pushes you, across the rough
catapults you, into deep dark heavens
Wizardry is required, to break the spell
Once it is broken and you have awoken
Life transcends, broken bends, magic has arrived, make amends

20131225-101249 am.jpg

69 thoughts on “Magical moment”

    1. Thank you, yes these are photographs. After taking them I process through various tools and make them surreal. I can’t paint so this is sort of my answer to my inability to sketch properly 🙂


  1. Wonderful picture! I think, it´s a kind of ART to work with a photo, changing it with computer programmes and find the RIGHT MOMENT to stop. You manage this special view on the things finding their art-soul. It´s very interesting and intensive! Thanks for sharing your work!


    1. You are too kind, thank you so much for such a wonderful description and comment. I wish I had the talent of using a brush, since I don’t 🙂 I let myself go at the photos 🙂


  2. Je n’ai jamais été amoureuse de vous !
    Vous vous êtes fait des illusions, je suis amoureuse de quelqu’un d’autre !
    Je sais qui vous êtes, je suis une ésotériste
    Moi je ne joue pas avec les sentiments des autres
    Veuillez ne plus me voler mes photos personnelles ! ou gare à vous
    Abozdar !


    1. What blog ‘likes’ got to do with liking someone physically or knowing them…I am more than happy to unfollow you if that is what is required to resolve this current confusion…


  3. Vous avez raison et je n’ai pas tort
    L’hitoire est close !
    Je ne vous aime pas ! que voulez vous ! Je ne vais pas me justifier
    c’est un fait
    Faut-il que je m’excuse ? ;-(


  4. Hey AB, I love this !
    I am working on a poetry collection atm entitled “In Lands of Blue and Gold” and I was wondering if it would be ok if I used your picture as the cover?
    As you can see the title and image seem meant to be together…

    It’s a free collection, I hope you’ll give me your permission. Of course there will be a full credit and link to your site within the work.

    Btw feel free to visit me at



    1. Darren,

      Many thanks for your email and I am delighted that you have chosen my humble image as a book cover. Do let me know whether resolution is ok with the current image or you may need Higher Resolution. Best of luck with the publication.

      Kindest regards,


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