past, as a crow, flies
in front my eyes
few were true
many were lies
to accommodate
sleep at night
smiles in days bright
live a simple life
no conscience fight
to admire present
ignore future fright20140625-085510 pm-75310711.jpg

19 thoughts on “Flight”

  1. I really like the first line of this poem. What a great way to describe that moment when your mind drifts into the past! πŸ™‚ Memories are indeed tricky things that can be bent and warped by will and other factors. I am thankful that I have not done anything so bad that I cannot sleep at night.


      1. I can understand your sadness, AB. We have these ideals of what is good and right, and then reality sets in. We are not perfect, and our emotions and shortcomings can cause us to do things that may have a negative effect on others. Conversely, the other people we deal with in our lives struggle with their own imperfections. However, I am not sure if you can completely avoid hurting other people knowingly and unknowingly. Even if you run off to a remote location and live in complete isolation away from everyone else, you will be hurting loved ones who will miss and worry about you! It seems like not hurting people all of the time is as impossible as trying to please everyone all of the time or being happy all of the time. I don’t think we should give up trying to avoid hurting people, but unfortunately we have to accept the fact that sometimes we are not able to. 😦


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