Hide before the tall predator see
They won’t eat but still kill for fun
If had bigger tale, huge claws
I surely make them run
Absolutely not, they smirk
Then you will be a delicacy

20140214-063932 pm.jpg

19 thoughts on “Latent”

      1. Now now, AB! In future, when you are taking your lovely photos, you must do some research and make notes about each one that you don’t actually know about. Just think how happy you’d make people like me if you could provide accurate info.! Of course, it would take a whole bit lot of your time … πŸ˜‰

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  1. Beautiful shot! How does one get these tiny creatures to pose while we focus and select aperture? I have so many failed attempts with dragonflies and bees and….


  2. This one left me smiling ear to ear….Thank you for the joy you bring through such delightful strokes of pen☺
    Wishing all the joy in life for you
    May you continue to write so beautifully…

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