As we reach
gates of heaven
please don’t let
go of my hand
I will be lost
May be send back
You understand
My sins are too
great, and
you are the chosen one
with your merciful
love spreading
Allowing safe passage
to all of us
I can be a mere
servant, cleaner
of your palace
in the garden of Eden
if you let me be!

20140212-014715 pm.jpg

77 thoughts on “Gates”

      1. Hi, it is not like that, the way we see it will reflect back in our mind.. i feel very human.. or you can say every item in this fabulous creation of god are GENEROUS… i am a small tool out of that… BE GOOD & GOOD WILL BACK TO U…. local2globe.


    1. Thank you, I wrote this with quite a few religions in mind, and quite interestingly the same message seems to apply to all of us πŸ™‚ humanity is united in its search for redemption πŸ™‚

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