72 thoughts on “Fairyland”

  1. Beautiful poem as always, didnΒ΄t know it was Bali until I read the comment. I could stay there in that spot, that is with a tent, moskito repelent, and a gun just in case some wild animal comes after me, I could stay there forever apart from those other things.


    1. Good to know Charlie, good to know πŸ™‚ I am surprised that my fellow bloggers don’t read categories or tags as I do leave some interesting things in tags as well πŸ™‚


  2. wow, did you recently go to Bali? It’s a beautiful island and rich in culture. Maybe someday you can go to other great places in Indonesia, we still have so much to offer. Anyway, welcome in Indonesia. I hope you had a great time.


      1. Good surprise I hope, I travel enough πŸ™‚ next time I am in Jakarta (in next few months) I will definitely leave a message for you πŸ™‚


  3. I cannot help but notice that you post a “Like” on about 95 percent of my poetry and commentary postings on my WordPress Blog. I am not sure if it is really for you to get x-tra exposure for followers or if you truly “like” my work. If it is the latter, I would appreciate, as I have done for you, is for you to Reblog my poetry work on your site from time to time. P.S. If it is my first possible reason, please be so kind to remove yourself as a follower to my site. Advance Thanks.


    1. I have quite s few people around me who like my work already so not sure by liking your work what possible advantage I am trying to attain, I like to come around and see what others do and would like to show that I was there by pressing ‘like button’, if it is an issue I am more than happy to unfollow, no hard feelings of course. Unfortunately I don’t do reblog as all work on my blog is 100% mine including all images! appreciate you coming over and explaining your issue! Have a wonderful weekend and Kindest regards, AB

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    2. This has been a comment on one of my posts. I like to read, this is part of how I let someone know I read their posts. I have a full time job, usually 45 to 50 hours a week. I read many posts before I go to slerp. Good to know I will never reblog others nor write comments as often as I read. So rude of you, Texas John J. Rigo. Sincerely, Robin Oldrieve Cochran

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      1. No, I work for an organisation, and just an ordinary human being roaming around the earth whenever he gets a chancing clicking away memories and experiences πŸ˜„


      1. I found it. I feel as annoyed as when I lose my car keys and spend an hour looking and looking for them. Then I find them in the washer or some damn place. They will keep changing things, I will keep aspiring to being zen about it.

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