Urn dissected

found world’s wealth
saw nature’s health
former was way too much
latter’s luck was not such
cry and weep with hollies
sapiens and their follies
20140620-060153 pm-64913373.jpg

32 thoughts on “Urn dissected”

  1. Thank you for liking “Midsummer.” I enjoyed looking at the interesting urn passageway photos. When I look at them in conjunction with your intriguing poem, I think about how seemingly insignificant our existence is. Stars that are thousands or millions of years old travel across the universe, sunlight shines on planets we will never see, and what do we do? We spend most of our brief lives struggling to work in order to accumulate things. Some of the things we really need to survive, but some of things we do not. And after all our work we will just end up dying and leaving everything we own behind. Then the cycle repeats itself with the next generation of people . . .

    Many people prize wealth and power, but there is little meaning in these things by themselves. We have to find meaning in our lives, or else our souls will be lost.


    1. Insignificant beings, non event life in the cosmos still think they are the masters of the universe 🙂 brilliant thoughts, in absolute agreement 🙂 thank you for adorning my humble blog with beautiful intellect 🙂


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