watching intensely
passing youth
colourful dungeon
hiding black truth

aimless roaming
wasted ways
drunken nights
hazy days

self loathing
soon arrives
humanity hatred
fittest survives

street smart
learning game
borrow, steal
absence shame

lurching, searching,
who to blame
birthplace, environs
upbringing claim
poverty, destiny
all the same

20140619-070512 am-25512352.jpg

31 thoughts on “Observatory”

  1. to speak
    the eye of
    is most needed
    (most needed)
    so opens
    your lenses
    and pens.as
    views, not
    thank you
    for that compassion.
    (i do)

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    1. Made my day, for some reason my earlier comment never made it to you, apologies for delayed response, comments like yours just make all this worth it 😊 thank you so much!

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      1. I get that a lot. It is suffocating for peopleπŸ˜„
        But these are heartfelt comments on your talent. Do not be put off by their number like I am not thrown off (anymore) by the number of amazing posts you may post in a day that are absolutely brilliant….

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