The sweet smell of my rose
in a red ballerina dress
pirouette grace
perfect stance
in her stride
my heart just divides
in thousand singing
sparrows, admiring
her beauty, that soul
unmoal (انمول) 🙂

20140211-072315 am.jpg

101 thoughts on “Ballerina”

  1. Some ballerinas also become brides… ahhh… I know this for a fact… and what a lovely poem for a ballerina bride. Awesome, AB. And hi. 🙂


  2. I love Ballerina. So Graceful. Just have a question. How is it before I like your post, my like is already there? It almost happen with all your post. I will give you like since you’re a very good writer, anyway, but I am puzzled that my likes are always there before I decide to do it myself.


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