18 thoughts on “Stung”

  1. Hi AB, not going to say that I like your poem this time……o.k I did. And the pic.
    Got a question if you have time.

    This has to be a Haiku? And if so, why the blogger to who I submitted my Haikus for his contest wanted 17 syllables 7-5-7 and I keep reading Haiku´s that don´t follow that rule. So is there a basic rule? He did say he wanted imagery and juxtaposition. I see the imagery in your poem, or at least I´m getting a sense of it by keep reading more of these, but every one out there seem to write more than 17 syllables so is there a basic rule at all? And if not, what is different one from the other.

    I understand is a barrage of questions and that your a busy man so I understand if you can´t respond.

    Anyways great reading as always.


    1. Charly

      First of all many thanks 🙂

      I have a simple answer to your multiple questions. I don’t follow the poetry form, I like to write and I do just that, sometimes it is long, other times it short who cares 🙂 enjoy writing and stop worrying about everything else is my motto 🙂

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      1. Good advice, I just got carried away with all that poetry rules, I´ll find out about them ofcourse, but you´re right. That´s why I started writing in the first place….because I enjoy it! So good motto which I should never loose, and get stuck instead on focusing too much on technicalities.


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