memories vengeance

sitting on the floor
face to face
emotions shown
with actual smiles
play some games
stay for a while
extensively engage,
discuss, deliberate
tune old drums, chums
beats, feats calibrate
settle matters,
quarrels, kisses
laugh or cry on
hits and misses
memories return with
vengeance no compare
destiny, a broken soul
an empty room to stare20140617-104016 am-38416487.jpg

25 thoughts on “memories vengeance”

      1. invocation

        fate capsizes
        hymn rises,
        creedal saying
        soul is praying
        that you keep well
        touching heaven
        support swell
        heart at peace
        danger cease
        life at ease
        late summer
        evening breeze

        have a beautiful day AJ 😊

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      2. They said
        goodwill never
        goes to waste
        I never believed
        now I do
        Hearts grieved
        can be healed
        no rue
        is big enough
        that kindness
        cannot encompass.
        πŸ’Thank you.have a pleasant…lifeπŸ˜€Ameeeeen

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      3. Nope! Not getting out of your hair that easy friend😁 I am afraid you will have to put up with me…πŸ˜πŸ˜‡
        It was just a humble prayer…Just a day’s happiness didnt seem enough of a prayer for you…hence…😊

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