Few trinkets for the long road

Last journey commenced
pocket shows few silver coins,
pendant with a letter etched
heart is crushed, brutally wretched

tears incessant, blood dripping
walk on that memory lane
those moments, hours,
days, years, eons insane

all was left unsaid, just
glitter and jingling wood
should have saved soul
losing that would, could

Hindsight, a worthy adversary
knives heart from the front
before finding redemption
thousand demons to confront


20 thoughts on “Few trinkets for the long road”

      1. Received your prayer today!☺ Had a fine day though not in Londoners’ sense (damp!😁) yet here it was fun. ΨͺΨ΄ΩƒΨ± for the prayer fellow bardπŸ˜€..

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