Gökçe Munçuk

saving humanity
from evil
naive insanity
shelter is required
from within
deep darkness acquired
murder, rape, genocide
innocents terrified
millions have died
devices owned, loaned
to each other, destroying further
womb of the mother
as if there is another
Earth! kindness in dearth
ruthlessness in plenty
guilty without guilt
blood has been bled
necks have been slit
in the name of
innocent, pure humanity,
a fake blue amulet
to protect such insanity
a cry, screams reaching sky
madly probing, again and again, why!


14 thoughts on “Gökçe Munçuk”

      1. Thank you Kimberly, certainly made my day, I wish I was even a bit of flickering dying light as that would be enough for my redemption and perhaps sole reason for my existence!

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      1. yeah maybe, but it is all kind of layered anyway because people express anger so different – ya know. and side note, i cannot figure out what I like more – your wiring or your photography – well the mix of them both is good so we do not have to pick!

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