31 thoughts on “Superficiality”

      1. Dancing to the tune and without the tune is absolutely necessary in life 😊 one of the basic human rights in my view (and I am serious)! love dancing!

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  1. Thank you for liking “City Geometry” and “Snowstorm.” I enjoyed this poem. It caught my attention because I knew a few people like this who live to party. Some of them did not accomplish very much in their lives. I was not very close to them because I am not a social butterfly.

    And I do not wear stiletto heels! I cannot forget seeing a young woman walking downtown in her high heel shoes, and she made the mistake of walking across a grate in them. One of her thin heels got stuck in one of the holes in the grate, and she struggled to pull her shoe out of the hole.

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      1. I do not think that she physically hurt herself. I do not remember her screaming out in pain. I think she was more embarrassed about her shoe getting stuck in the grate than anything else. I also do not remember if she was able to free her shoe. Hopefully she did, or else she would have had to hop around on one foot or go barefoot until she got home. She was with another woman, so that woman probably helped her. I also forgot to mention that this incident happened in the afternoon. I do not know what her plans were for that night. 🙂

        A blast of wind up a short skirt, a skirt not pulled down all the way, a droopy revealing top, spandex that fails on a pair of tight pants — women live in constant danger of wardrobe malfunctions! 😉

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      2. Thank you! 🙂 I also had some help from reading a celebrity wardrobe malfunction story weeks ago. The skirt not being pulled down all the way actually happened to a classmate in one of my college classes. As for me, I had a minor tank top drooping incident last summer because I did not tighten some straps. I felt my tank top sliding downward in the front, and I was at work! Luckily for me, I was wearing another shirt over the tank top, so I used the shirt and my long hair to cover up the slippage.

        I know — too much information! Thanks for listening to my long winding descriptions of things . . . 🙂

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