In plain sight

Fly afar in deep blue sky
longer lasting moments of joy
coming ashore one by one
Ticks and tocks dipped in fun
fabric of time extends, bends
memories remain until the end
20140615-071748 am-26268962.jpg

27 thoughts on “In plain sight”

    1. words, words, words,
      ramble and gamble my fate
      some you may like
      others seriously hate
      early or late
      words will appear
      until that evening,
      I randomly disappear
      as if never existed

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      1. Words words words
        to them they may be
        to me it is like
        piece of a soul
        untainted by coal
        charred are many hearts
        its good to feel
        there are some as me
        who wander in alleys
        yet aspire to touch valleys
        too deep and mystic
        for few who are rustic
        Vanish I and you shall
        yet live and stand tall.

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      2. Azrael came few times
        asked what is to be done
        of I, I said why!
        only have one answer
        let me see the universe
        Divine has created for me
        he said you see
        that means you want
        perhaps eternity, Can’t!

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      3. Good thing you bartered
        lots to traverse
        no contract can be chartered
        yet no goin reverse
        All we can is stall
        rejuvenate soak in
        all that is offered
        and wait for the call
        till then live each
        moment like teach
        it doth lessons
        in divinity.

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      4. As well as dust can be
        I take this way with glee
        musing on the decree
        and denouncements
        painstaking pronouncements
        on life and all its strife
        not delving in rife
        once done
        gladly shall submit
        to awaiting afterlife…

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