Concrete oasis burning

Humans worse than
animals at the gates
murdering anyone who
they see against their fates
hands are blackened
by the blood they spill
eyes red, heavens
nightmares their heads fill
without looking at faces
who they kill, they kill
innocent screams in fear,
ignored by savages with no ears

This was written after a terrorist attack in Karachi in June 2014, a city I am fond of and have amazing memories. The photos are from Jinnah international airport which was targeted and many innocent people were killed, all terrorists are dead as well.
20140609-111241 am-40361363.jpg

20140609-111343 am-40423453.jpg

31 thoughts on “Concrete oasis burning”

      1. Thanks for saying that as I did I wanted to show the human and nature side of it, both were taken outside international terminal – arrivals….some form of trust is required…


      2. ‘trust’, AB ?
        I’m totally confused. However, forget it. I’ve never been able to keep up with the current jargon of anything.


  1. AB, I so get this…the poetry is deep as I cried inside, however, I agree with your choice…By showing a pic of tragedy makes it even more crucial and sad. So showing the beauty of what it used to be like somewhat helps to stabilize the emotions. It wouldn’t matter to me but if you just wanted to, you could try a descriptive explanation over the pic, for the baffled Thanks for sharing your gift, you have great talent.-Take care-

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    1. perhaps you can relate to this
      اعلان ہوا ہے
      سونے کے پتلے آئیں گے
      نیا وطن بنائیں گے
      اعلان ہوا ہے
      سب سکھ سب سچا ہوگا
      خوش ہر اک بچا ہوگا
      اعلان ہوا ہے
      ان بچون کے ان سچوں کے
      کفن اٹھنے والے ہیں
      اعلان ہوا ہے
      انقلاب سنامی آئے گی
      ہر قربانی دی جائے گی
      اعلان ہوا ہے
      قربان انقلابی دھرنا چھوڑے
      ڈولی اٹھانے بھاگے ہیں
      اعلان ہوا ہے
      سیاستدان گندے ہیں
      اور پاکستانی
      سارے کے سارے
      سادا لوہ اور اندھے ہیں

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      1. Apologies if it was too hard hitting, really angry about what happened in Pindi, each time more killings and we say enough is enough and then after few days it is the same…

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      2. Yep! Been having major depressive episodes! And my institute reopens surprisingly tomorrow.It has been bombed before once! And it is scary!
        Things arent well.. I am sick and tired of the bullshit!😑

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      3. Yep
        I believe we are pretty resilient! Otherwise enough has happened to break us but soem people who are good among us are holding it together…
        Amen! Insha Allah

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      4. Yepp! But when death has its claws all set nothing can protect anyone.Look at BB not saying I am against her.But see no bulletproof vehicle could stop destiny..
        Look at how Caliph Umar Farooq thought and look at them?!

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    1. Anna, it does and so to many other atrocities these worse than evil characters are doing the world over, killing one innocent being is killing the whole humanity, that is what is I was taught as Muslim! disgusted to the core by what is currently happening in the name of religion!


  2. Hi AB – been following your work for a while now and am impressed. I came across this quite by chance and it resonates instantly. I’m from Bombay and run a graphic design agency and we did an event at the Taj Hotel on 26/11, the last of my Team getting out maybe a half hour before “it” all began. Regardless of who did what to whom to start this cycle, it’s pure, heartwrenching madness. I’ve penned a few pieces on the state of the world today – if I can share them, without meaning to hijack your blog?

    And if I can also direct you to
    initiated by Jimi and where I’ve contributed a piece. It might just appeal to you.

    Blessings & peace!


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