Singapore – hotel balcony and staring into a staircase

neon lights
day in nights
City declaring
end of dark rites
find your purpose
written on the billboard
gold coins in dozens hoard
Eden on earth, party in paradise
limbs deeply sore, blind by the sun rise
looking back at that time, what to take away!

Here are few snaps from my hotel balcony, I also found this staircase amusing 🙂

20131204-022929 pm.jpg

20131204-023017 pm.jpg

20131204-023041 pm.jpg

20131204-023056 pm.jpg

52 thoughts on “Singapore – hotel balcony and staring into a staircase”

  1. Is this for REAL, AB? How extraordinary!! I don’t believe I’d want to stay in that hotel … But then, I must admit that they probably didn’t build it for me. [grin]


      1. NOOOOooooo! I have Sydney’s casino a very short block down the road from me. Ugh! And worse: they’ve started building a second one, in a HYOOOGE complex only about half a mile away.


      2. 🙂 then we are settled then, this hotel is not for you, you should stay in Fullerton Hotel (where I do) across the Bay, an old grand post office building converted into a majestic tasteful hotel 🙂


      1. Hot and humid 🙂 absolutely packed, happening city except for Sundays :-), smells nice in the hotel lobby 🙂 all city systems (transport, parking, communication, utilities etc) work very well, property is most expensive in the world, excellent night outs and restaurants, shopping shopping and more shopping 🙂

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  2. That staircase / photo is awesome! And the hotel with the pool deck ‘planked’ across the top… it just looks like something out of science fiction.


    1. Fullerton Hotel 🙂 many thanks for your advice, more than happy for you to quote or reblog my post on am external site 🙂


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