Million hairs untangled
Golden, black and brown
Faces without emotions
Ecstatic, sad, with frowns
mademoiselle to madame
Child becoming dame
World keeping changing
I remain the same
20140604-122023 am-1223263.jpg

21 thoughts on “Story”

  1. I really like this poem. How you put the words together makes the poem read in staccato which i really love. the last two lines really drew me in and wrapped the poem together in a nice little bow. thanks for sharing this poem with me i enjoyed it.

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  2. I liked the poem even though I found it ambiguous.

    “Faces without emotions
    Ecstatic, sad, with frowns”

    Then the Faces have emotions….you are so much better than I with words, do not listen to me. Ambiguity bothers me. That is my problem.

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    1. it is a description around various types of faces that comb has seen during so many years of use…

      some were faces without emotions and then also there were other faces with emotions as described in the next line ๐Ÿ˜€

      it is ok, more than happy to describe what I intended!


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