55 thoughts on “Playroom”

  1. Ah!
    Good ol’ days
    trapped in photographs
    are the cheery ways
    when joyous were laughs
    And less were the scoffs
    Sun shining in hay
    lying in dirt stared
    at horizons spread
    wide above overhead
    How intriguing all was
    When less were laws
    that passed our gaeity
    as impropriety:naivety.(AJ)

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    1. Innocence and before
      Life’s first doors
      Honesty was the nature
      Kindness stature
      Smiles all we did
      in happy moments true
      Cried hearts out
      In sad ones few
      little we knew
      wild soul be captured
      Enthusiaism ruptured
      giggles cruely punctured
      I blame destiny
      Fate blames me
      unable to see
      first conscious
      optimism again

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