44 thoughts on “Value”

  1. Lo, with the ancient
    roots of man’s nature
    Twines the eternal
    Passion of song

    Ever love fans it
    Ever life feeds it
    Time cannot age it
    Death cannot slay.(An Anglo-Saxon poet,cannot recall the name)
    Just came to mind when I read your splendid poem!

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    1. Deep in the world-heart
      Stands its foundations,
      Tangled with all things,
      Twin-made with all.
      Nay, what is Nature’s
      Self but an endless
      Strife toward music,
      Euphony, rime?
      Trees in their blooming,
      Tides in their flowing,
      Stars in their circling,
      Tremble with song.
      God on his throne is
      Eldest of poets;
      Unto His measures
      Moveth the Whole.

      Thank you so much AJ, Sir William Watson, this allowed me to read the whole poem πŸ™‚

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      1. Spectacular,isnt it?Enchanting!😊Thank you for sharing that.It is a pure joy to read these words…no matter how many times,the splendor does not fade!


      2. Hi AJ I hope all is well with you, indeed these words are beautiful πŸ˜€ thank you initiating the conversation and providing the first piece!

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