An arrow launched
in the air, fire in its belly
winged beetles chased
They met on horizon top
Kissed the sweet flare of death
Inferno sparks, crescendos heard
We just saw how fire works
It’s dark magic, tragic!

20140207-062743 pm.jpg

27 thoughts on “Fire”

    1. I know, but this is a tragic story so dark skies 🙂 I will put a positive spin on more colourful fireworks one day 🙂 thank you for coming over 🙂


    1. You are absolutely positively very generous 🙂 thank you for your kindness, the poor poet in me is very happy to read this 🙂 I have to contain his ego now 🙂


  1. A wonderfully vivid picture. The imagery is amazing, as is the photo. Any chance if a happy ending 🙂


  2. fire works its
    dark magic tragic …
    cold fire … dark … a
    specter traps life takes its
    burning souls cold
    fire is its tragic
    magic …

    cold light .. absorbs
    heat takes living light
    steals living Warmth
    away …

    selfish magic beast it
    with such
    spectacle taking never
    giving …

    fire gives
    LIGHT magic LIFE!!

    never tragic
    giving warmth, fueling life … gives
    back, returns the
    favor … sustains new born
    creations, …

    LIGHT magic LIFE FIRE guides the way … time marching
    forward … we
    SEE through eyes of light magic Life … that FIRE never
    tragic … it
    always guides the
    way …

    .. ks you always inspire AB …

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      1. But you see AB words are poetic only if they are cryptic otherwise they would have been prose.So there is a lot beneath the surface there.Do not undermine your work!☺

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I am not undermining my work AJ just a humble rhyme with no hidden meanings 🙂 in the comments you will see someone liked it so much that they posted a much longer elaborate poetic response 😀


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