when life manifests chaos
you are unable to recognise
what and who you are
solace and penance indistinguishable
realisation dawns, on lush green lawns
that you, and your imagination
have gone mad, by at least half
Most maddening, loud laughs
your hear is your sensibility
mocking your insistence
naive persistence, to escape boundaries
foundries, of smelting ore of human fabric
resistance is futile, join the laughter
eat some food, smell some flowers,
and live happily after


40 thoughts on “Mundanity”

      1. Okay this is like what my best friend and I would do on the phone in childhood.*Never wanting to hang up yourself and asking the other person to do so* So gear up.I am a proπŸ˜€πŸ˜„ I can do this forever.haha

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    1. Captain I hope you do find your footing. Life become tolerable and hopefully enjoyable again, That would my wish for you this Christmas and for the new year…thank you so much for sharing!

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  1. yeah … give up by
    giving in … use the ugly … the
    chaotic … to find penance … solace
    within the everyday mindless
    blindness .. live within it and thrive despite the
    pain .,… wull … is that what ‘yer gettin’ at ……. ? you always inspire … you give me thoughts i know i can share …. thanks … it’s my wish that i can take you to times of innocent beauty … that they be curled around to present life dragging from those days of beauty … light into the present … oh … and to make you laugh … gosh … talkin’ about myself too much … take care and thanks …ks

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  2. i’d like to share with you a great piece written by a guy named stuart perkins .,… the name of his blog is ”storyshucker” … the piece is called Stay and Change It … i hope you can find it and i think you’ll enjoy it …. ks

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      1. since you asked from the great seer one
        here is a prediction with precision of none
        year will commence and smiles will flow
        body will be cleansed and face will glow

        happiness In abundance, calm and peace
        days heart warm, evenings soul breeze
        life will get a meaning, renewed lease
        stress will vanish and darkness cease


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  3. Great piece!

    All and all,
    through the fabric of time,
    while tasting the bitterness
    of a very ripen lime..

    This all done
    as the sun
    will certainly always
    to shine!

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