It’s time
ship is here
captain called my name
I have to go
heart wants to be
always with you
sailor in me
wants to do million miles
continents to see
torn before two
I say adieu
If life allows
and the luck
was good
not for long
it is here
I belong
It is true
I in me
says to you
20140602-122636 pm-44796036.jpg

47 thoughts on “Adieu”

      1. Teasing glances
        people taking chances
        when she walks the way
        leads a lot of hearts astray
        of their own accord
        Tethered are to a chord
        Mercy young lady
        Many drooping already
        Lay your heart
        or they may fall apart
        For all you know
        in your wake
        A war may start.

        First if you approve its not silly…Running by you…

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      2. it is brilliant, publish it ๐Ÿ˜€ here is my philosophy…anything which make people smile is good, laugh is better and it creates tears in their eyes while laughing is the best!

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    1. Aha Rukhay Lala, good to have you in the North of I ๐Ÿ˜€ all is good and very well, I hope the cold is not too much for you and you are settling well! next time if you are in London do let me know! Thank you for your kindness for these humble words!

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