15 thoughts on “Surrender”

    1. It works both ways, sometimes I like an image and wish to write about it, sometimes I wrote a poem and then find an image in my library to fit with words. There is third way as well, where I makes changes to a poem to fit with a new image I processed 😀 in summary whatever works, as long it does and I get beautiful comments like yours I am happy!

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      1. 😅😍Lovely! It makes sense…Beauty is truth,truth beauty as Keats says.
        Its not all that different.Something clicks everyone from surroundings but not everyone has amazing photography skills….You on the other hand are a man of many talents😁

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  1. Thank you for liking “The Winter Wanderer” and “Happy New Year.” I can relate to this poem because I am a night owl. I seem to think and work better at night (especially doing creative work) even though I pay for it the next day. These past few years have been a challenge of how little sleep I can function on. I also like dawn and watching the sun rising, and there have been times when I have literally stayed awake long enough to see the dawn. I know this is not a good thing for me to do, but there are so many things that I want to do. And I don’t drink coffee, energy drinks, or other caffeinated beverages to stay awake. Life is too interesting to sleep through, although dreams intrigue me too.

    It is officially New Year’s Eve in my part of the world, and I want to say once again that I hope you have a Happy New Year. 🙂

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