Call rises and rises
needs increase
to go beyond reality
zenith of probabilities

have the courage
to cross boundaries of possible
impossible, downright unimaginable
test humanity to extreme

lights ray beams
tear universe from seams
whatever was deem
to be, make it happen

raise the voice
Haq Unal Ho, it is only you
transcend frailty
fear, fragility, frugality of heart

seven darts, all piercing through
blood dripping too but call rises
and rises, and rises, and rises
until nothing is left, just the call

to what mostly mattered,
heart fully catered
and soul ascend to
beyond imagination


62 thoughts on “Aşk”

  1. “Raise the voice
    Haq Unal Ho, it is only you
    transcend frailty”
    Love the lines.It is a surprise you have such clear understanding of this as it is quite often wildly misunderstood
    Great work

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    1. That is very kind AJ, not sure I know enough let alone understand, just trying to learn more before it is time. I just read through your new posts including the one about your grandmother. Beautifully constructed heartfelt emotions flowing so freely and vividly, your endings are very strong! May you find your peace; keep sharing your wonderful words everyday.

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      1. Who Says Words With My Mouth?
        Rumi ~ Translated by Coleman Barks
        (The Essential Rumi)

        All day I think about it, then at night I say it.
        Where did I come from,
        and what am I supposed to be doing?
        I have no idea.
        My soul is from elsewhere, I’m sure of that,
        and I intend to end up there.
        This drunkenness began in some other tavern.
        When I get back around to that place,
        I’ll be completely sober. Meanwhile,
        I’m like a bird from another continent,
        sitting in this aviary.
        The day is coming when I fly off,
        but who is it now in my ear who hears my voice?
        Who says words with my mouth?
        Who looks out with my eyes? What is the soul?
        I cannot stop asking.
        If I could taste one sip of an answer,
        I could break out of this prison for drunks.
        I didn’t come here of my own accord,
        and I can’t leave that way.
        Whoever brought me here will have to take me home.
        This poetry. I never know what I’m going to say.
        I don’t plan it.
        When I’m outside the saying of it,
        I get very quiet and rarely speak at all.
        Shams Tabriz,
        if you would show your face to me again,
        I could flee the imposition of this life.

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      2. Hey I just wrote something right now..Posting it.check it out..[whenever possible]
        Sorry I keep pestering you about it.I have no real life people who would like to read that let alone comment or criticise. Sorry I know you are terribly busy but whenever possible go through and comment or criticise,please

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      3. I have no issues AJ reading your work, apologies that it takes time since as you mentioned I am doing quite a few things in my life including this blog, but I will certainly read them and will provide my feedback!

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      4. We are all dust,
        still have unwavered lust
        of knowlege and quest
        north, south, east and west
        Ocean’s depth, sky’s limit
        dark thoughts, conscience summit
        Just admit it, your hunger
        Soul younger, embrace fragility

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      5. We are nothing but dust:
        Yet hold our heads so high.
        Built and designed to rust;
        yet realise too late to cry.
        We nurture feelings of greed and lust:
        Corroding our souls from core to crust.
        We reach the skies ‘n’ fly so high,
        yet dare not look down when pass by.
        We fail to notice the howling wind:
        intending to disperse our mould to dust.
        We break into a million pieces when we die:
        yet fail to recognise our purpose;cold we lie. (2-1-13) ;
        Something I wrote a while ago..

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      6. There is darkness and death
        There is cruelty and stealth
        Of dark motives and greed
        Contempt to creed
        Million abominable deeds
        then albeit in lesser quantities
        love, smiles, joy and calm
        generosity filling open palms
        songs, melodies, hymns and psalms
        two sides to a parchment
        where we wish to look
        Why what was giving to us
        and what they shamelessly took
        Upto us, you and I
        Be bold or shy
        To live or die
        While breathing

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      7. Admit there is good
        but can we not brood
        on the evils we withhold
        and nourish so cold
        have our hearts grown
        that so subtly we move on
        amid us lie tragedy
        yet all we care is to look dandy
        I do not lose faith in humanity
        but this deterioration is testy..

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      8. Evil, demons, humans
        with unsavoury traits, habits
        killing humans like rabbits
        cannot be allowed,
        Should not be allowed
        Would not allowed
        to run our lives
        fortitude, courage and hope
        millions candles’ rope
        binding good in great
        nothing to be afraid
        just our shadows dark
        Let’s mark
        the bad, ugly, worse
        Scream life verse
        And defeat them
        with your laughter
        Smiles and empathy
        innoncent sympathy
        And pity their soul
        When the death destruction
        Hell holes
        Will consume them
        Never to reappear

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      9. I hope that comes
        dark yet surrounds
        thick is the fog
        Everywhere a bog
        treading with care
        does not seem fair
        Countless souls
        Lost in vain
        What to gain
        from it they had
        The night still dark
        Shadows stealthily creep
        A hand grips my heart deep
        inside runs a shiver
        What if this battle ends not
        What if justice is not brought
        What if we fail?
        Can the damage be scaled?
        Can our souls be healed?
        The battle seems longer
        than we can endure..

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      10. losing heart for no avail
        thinking we would
        we will only fail
        sail and sail,
        towards the sun
        lights will light
        water will run
        hope to fly
        despairs dies
        not our loved ones
        belief is humanity
        dark insanity
        never will lead
        our prayers
        our thoughts
        our eyes dots
        will ensure
        evils rots
        battle fought
        are won by miles
        with our sad
        but firm smiles
        openness and enterprise
        is here to surmise
        our sacrifices filled victory

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      11. This soil still seems
        to ask more blood
        to cinch:to yield
        firm fort
        to be free in a field
        yet I hope tis over
        and no more is wanted
        a lot is lost
        Countless times daunted;
        Our dreams cost
        we shall no more pay
        A brave front
        we shall put each day
        and fight: confront
        the monsters and
        send them to sins repay!

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      12. alas my dear
        more will lose
        life, blood
        of innocent spilled
        flesh grilled
        in this inhuman
        evil game
        our kings, queens
        and princes to blame
        our protectors flamed
        the first fire of lava today
        but end will come
        people will sum
        up courage and hope
        that will do,
        stay to the cause
        it is true, saviours are you
        and you and you
        youth and old
        bright and bold
        we will take the torch
        onwards we march
        forward we shall
        require a cull
        elimination is due
        of Devils imbue
        success is far
        but not that far
        that our hands
        will not snatch
        it from evil’s clutch
        reclaiming what is
        was, always have been
        rightfully ours
        our right to live
        laugh and give
        life to others!

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      13. Giving life away
        does not scare me
        But what of the kids
        Leave alone let them be
        They have not sinned
        They were pinned
        for faults of ours
        What vain use of power
        that lacks courage to face our
        wrath:sustaining battles
        Ceaseless they prattle
        like kids with toys
        except these weapons
        kill our kids :talons
        dug deep in our veins
        toying with us they are
        Fight like men they ought
        stopping the coward shots
        in the dark
        Such sacrifices not prepared
        Have we our children reared
        to be slaughtered?
        Can we wage a war
        and have them numbered?
        Prepared to die I am
        but the angels
        touching them shall slam
        them to their doom
        sooner than they recall..

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