If life is a race
to the top
you realise

doesn’t really matter
how much you stall
at the end you fall
Gravity pulls hard

all what ultimately
logically, if unwilling then
sometimes tragically
belongs to earth’s bosom

pick a colour
from soul’s prism
as long as it has love
humility and care

take your time, dig deep
for a perfect spot
to lie in loving,
embrace of our mother


30 thoughts on “Priorities”

    1. The use of caskets to bury people can be traced back as far as 600 A.D. to the Celts, who built them out of stones. As civilization advanced, noblemen and kings were buried in elegant caskets adorned with gold and jewels as a representation of their importance and power. Much like for the rich and powerful kings of the past, personalized caskets pay tribute to people and their accomplishments in life. Often used in funeral proceedings, caskets display the deceased in a peaceful and comfortable state before burial.

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      1. perhaps yet another attempt to enviously bring ourselves within the realm of the elite seperate from the real, the ‘down to earth’, hornschwagled into believing we are superior to the earth and nature unwilling to give ourselves back, enriching the soil from where we came unlike like the trees and all who live within its realm who surrender themselves quite naturally to the earth …life given in return for life given … the endless return … ks

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    2. Hence not much logic, btw muslims don’t burry their dead in caskets, Hindus cremate in open air etc so it is not necessary to bury in caskets πŸ™‚ and please don’t worry about asking anything, I am not generally offended KS πŸ˜€

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      1. wull …. we’ll see about that ….. ! just kidding … ! you’re one of my favorite people … i enjoy the ethereal yet …. down earth quality of your words … ummm … maybe they’re the same thing …. anyway … have a happy day … enjoy …. ks

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