Glorious exceptionalism (an anthem for being different)

you standout
from the crowd
believe deliverance
trust in difference

come on
you stand,
from the crowd

what is holding you back
have courage, sail
you will, unarguably, fail
many times,
most of the times

just believe,
from the crowd
from the crowd

pick yourself up
dirt will disappear
a new you appear
bask in glory

from the crowd
they are waiting
from the crowd

doubters, shouters
hooters, looters
will feel sorry
for what they did,
they should

from the crowd
you deserve it!


20 thoughts on “Glorious exceptionalism (an anthem for being different)”

    1. I understand, but this is an anthem so not everyone’s cup of tea, you need an open mind, eyes in the sky, ability to shout on top of your lungs on a dark grey bitter cold rainy day and create a rhythm that even mountains sing with you….standout…standout… and heavens can hear you and doubters never dare your ability to pass through failure’s extcruciating pain barrier to succeed, and you shall succeed or die trying but live forever 🙂

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    1. Sue, these words is for all of us who would like to do things in this world slightly differently and with pure passion for life 😀 Thank you for your kind wishes, may you have a beautiful and wonderful Christmas and a brilliant 2015 as well.

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