Last one

Let’s decide how much life I have got
Can you see me? I am the one in the middle
No! this not a riddle, I am the one, really in the middle
Some green life of my mother, Earth, left in me
Your feet are itching, to suppress me and press me
Hard on the ground, stopping my pulse abruptly
Don’t be so cruel, don’t be a fool
No fuss, but do you know
life on earth depend on us
You have this sense of invincibility
Master of the universe
Writer of this verse
Shame on you
Blame on you
Of all my mother’s woes
She is sick
Dying from, lack of fresh air, clean water
Killing forests is a non starter
What you get,
El Niño, el nina,
polar vortex, Katrina,
Keep denying, keep heading towards me
As I speak up, heave my last few breaths
You decide, upto you, yes, upto you!!

20140206-090005 pm.jpg

28 thoughts on “Last one”

    1. I really glad that you linked it with the last leaf story, not many people will get that, thank you for paying that much attention to my humble work Nia, in your debt 🙂


      1. Well, now let’s look at that: You travel for the good of the planet… you bring awareness with your photographs, as well as art and beauty… We can’t really expect you to “walk on water” 😀 … Hugs!!


    1. It is you who makes it amaZing, words are nothing until a reader reads and enjoys them, so thank you for your love for my humble words 🙂


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