Into the distance
house on the hill
Drawn towards
No power no will
Sorcery I cry
travel still
Heart aches
a desire to fulfil
Soul being ground
wheat in a mill
Flesh is burning
on a passion grill
Top of the summit
in madness I drill
Unable to find you
my search continues20140527-125842 pm-46722557.jpg

21 thoughts on “Impuissant”

    1. I search for
      journey’s completion
      Passion’s elation,
      Life’s dedication
      stranger’s compassion,
      Heart’s intention
      for someone attention
      If only for
      Less than a moment


      1. I say this very quietly. You sound as if you are on the same Journey as I am. Thank you for this exquisite answer. I just followed you as well. Your words embrace my Heart and touch my Soul. Thank you. Love, Amy


      2. Amy,
        Many thanks for your beautiful quiet words 🙂 appreciate your time and attention. I am pleased to have a fellow traveller who recognise my quest and has embarked on a similar journey of discovery of oneself and others.
        Kindest regards


      3. This is not an easy Path by far, but it is exciting, and it is incredible at the discoveries that lie not only within myself, but of that around me. Many Blessings to you on your Sacred Journey. Love, Amy


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