Upside down chairs in the air
an aspiring leader, young, with flair
not doing it for power, just for people he cares
a good hard stare, some strange improbabilities
20140526-024704 am-10024648.jpg

29 thoughts on “Improbable”

  1. Ha! Right on AB. Big improbabilities.
    Our society is plagued with these horrid values of personal peace and affluence, my friend. Very improbable indeed (not doing it for power…)


  2. This post reminds me of a dream that I had many years ago. In my dream, a man dressed in black told me that “what is evil will be good, and what is good will be evil.” Now I think this dream is coming true. I look around me and see that many people’s moral values are indeed upside down.

    I did a post on my blog that featured some houses that were actually built upside down. In case you are interested in seeing them, the post is called “Fun Verticality.” Here is a link:

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    1. ARK by magic!

      I reality I actually
      went to upside down town,
      where policeman was a clown,
      on water you walk
      and in desert you drown,
      cry when happy,
      laugh when you are down

      🙂 thank you so much

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    1. Association, disassociation,
      likeness and the opposite,
      has nothing, anything,
      to these scribblings,
      a situation present itself,
      and a strange brain,
      goes to work, post drain,
      some etchings and scribbles,
      this being dribbles,
      after some tugs, pushes, quibbles,
      and here they are

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