Ancestors taught their ways
World changed, I stayed
the same, preserving what was,
is precious in my eyes
settlers entered mother amazon
told a thousand lies
trees cut, rivers destroyed
ancient ways didn’t survive
Neither did I

20140527-023544 am-9344158.jpg

46 thoughts on “Disappearance”

  1. It is a tragedy and a world damaging disaster, what is happening to the rainforests in South America. Our oxygen producing plant for the whole planet. What are the greedy going to do when there is no more air to breath? Try to buy their way out?


  2. We are a problem. yet our problematic ways and solutions just reinforce the human condition. Must relate beyond our gawking talking (liguo-visual) identity.


      1. Nice to have your interest. My site is ALL about this. The human condition is isolated from its whole in its identity (that’s us) identified with what it experiences. The whole body is the whole self and whole being who projects our reality including our self. Reality is not something we can get or become, but as a projected part we may relate with whom we belong as apart. All human experience is within projection. Every entity in reality can only manifest in projection as indications. But the whole being we belong to is a special entity in reality, for we belong to him/her as a part.
        Posture, exercise, drugs, rest what happens to the whole body does affect our reality and our self. In meditation, spirituality, mysticism, what one achieves, meets, experiences or undergoes are not denied by this but one may refer to the whole body who encompass our all, is alive in creation and more than the sum of his or her parts, including projected parts. Beyond the theory, I want to get on to what I appreciate of how to promote this and relate with a whole being we individually belong to. “Human condition is invalid – as any part is away from its whole” is a bit long but my better attempt at covering the theory. There’s also poems and pictures depicting our projected actuality. You have to tell me what you think.


    1. Sad part of humanity, our progress costs too much in terms of species becoming extinct, traditions go missing, customs dive, fishing at the bottom of the sea 😦

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