Blurred reality

Waking up somewhere unknown
dawn colours blurred,
vision impaired
enjoying these moments
of confused existence
mind without sustenance
of logic or thought
no solution sought
of centuries of neglect
Suddenly! mind starting to reflect,
Agh, it is noon, so soon
Can someone stop the time
Why? are you God?
20140526-122936 pm-44976559.jpg

20 thoughts on “Blurred reality”

  1. Time is but an illusion.. 🙂 and yes we are all of us God Particles and an hour can sweep by in minutes, while five minutes can seem like an hour.. Our Perception and perspective.. IS Everything!
    I so agree.. Wonderful AB….
    Blessings Sue

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    1. I am pleased to hear that, yes sometimes when I travel quite a lot (for instance last week four hotels in six days) I wake up and unsure about my whereabouts 🙂

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