To the end of the universe

day has come, destiny calls bold and the brave
marching on, courage against wind and tide
pushing hard, punching through, nothing to stop that stride
every moon glowing, every sun shining, on our side
how much you will hide, how far can you ride
we are coming after you, and that is not the end…


21 thoughts on “To the end of the universe”

  1. After the shock wears off, life does go on after tragic events like the ones in Peshawar and Sydney. It is not easy to move forward, of course, but what else is there to do?

    Like you, I would like to stop seeing events like these from happening in the future, but I am not sure how they can be stopped completely. Some of these people are discovered before their evil plans are implemented, but a few of them manage to slip through the cracks with devastating results.

    While trying to find a way to protect people from situations like this in the future is important, there are dangers involved with a quest for getting even. Even though I would like to see these people suffer the same kind of pain and anguish they have caused to others, I have learned from personal experience not to become consumed with revenge. It can destroy you from within. There is a proverb about revenge that has haunted me over the years: “He who seeks vengeance must dig two graves: one for his enemy and one for himself.” I am not saying that you should love these awful people and welcome them with open arms, but you will lose yourself and what is best in you if you focus too much of your time and energy on them.


    1. I agree with your sentiment wholeheartedly however I would like to write about this and imagine how it feels like. I admit it does not feel good, albeit I have not seen my loved ones especially young ones slaughtered by some monsters!!


      1. I did not mean to try to stop you from writing about what happened, especially if this is helping you cope with this tragedy. I was just concerned about you. I think you understand my points about the downside of revenge.

        I also think about the grief that the families of the slain children and teachers are going through, and it does raise very strong emotions of pain and anger at the unfairness of life and the cruelty that people are capable of. I am thankful that I never had to worry about being attacked while I was a student in elementary school and high school. I do not have any children of my own, but my dad and I worry about my nieces and my nephew. What kind of a future will they have in a world like this?


      2. Thank you so much, really appreciate your emotions and care. I am actually ok, perhaps quite angry and frustrated with humanity but still with a spirited heart. I agree with you that life on our planet is turning into a strange nightmare, for instance, I don’t know the full facts but 8 kids were slain today in Australia of one single family…whatever the circumstances, how us humans are allowing this to happen. None of these events are accidents or natural calamities, these are being committed by other human beings…


      3. You are welcome. I am glad you are okay. 🙂

        Yes, I have also noticed that many people seem so passive about murder and other acts of violence. I think many people have become desensitized to these acts because sadly they are happening so frequently nowadays. Violent movies, television programs, and video games are also thought to contribute to people having a high tolerance for violence and less regard for the value of human life.

        I sometimes wonder if this increasing violence we are experiencing is part of some cycle that societies go through. Is it a sign that our civilization is in a state of decline? Will the decline be followed by chaos?

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      4. Not sure about violence, certainly intolerance is on the rise, even the most culturally advanced nations and civilised societies are currently engulfed in worst form of Xenophobia (Sweden, The Netherlands, United Kingdom!!!). Apparently it is ok nowadays to bad mouth emigrants as long as it is covered under freedom of speech and not considered hate speech, racism in such societies does not need to be hidden anymore and it is ok to criticise East Europeans, North Africans, Asians and Muslims in general.

        Recently I was amazed to see responses from some minority communities’ (all Muslim) younger generation when they were asked to say one sentence which removes a perception about them and most of them came with ‘I am a Muslim and I am not a terrorist’.


      5. Yes, you are right about the rise of intolerance. I did not know it was such a big problem in your part of the world. I have not traveled outside of the United States, and the American media rarely covers the problem of intolerance in other countries. However, we have our share of racial division and intolerance here in the United States. Racial tensions are high here because of some recent incidents involving white police officers killing black men. There were demonstrations in the streets (some of them also included looting and burning of businesses) because people thought that the police officers should have been indicted, and they were not. There are still some demonstrations happening, but fortunately they have been peaceful protests for the most part.

        I am sorry to say that there is an intolerance for Muslims here too. Many Americans look upon Muslims with mistrust and fear because of the 9/11 attacks and other similar incidents. They think all of the Muslims are the same—they are all extremists who want to kill everyone who is not Muslim. However, not everyone believes this here.

        I myself am trying to be more open-minded about people who do not believe in the same religion that I do, which is Catholic. However, I have to admit that I struggle with the stereotypes that I have accumulated over the years from TV and mass media.

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      6. I understand and I have been following news in the US, terrible events and very sad to see reaction from right wing media!!! And utter madness re property damage, I completely undertstand your point about association and stereotypes, I believe most of learning
        methods also encourage such behaviours and there is a lack of critical thinkers in our societies!!

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  2. Yes, I agree that there is a lack of critical thinking nowadays. The flawed generalizations associated with different races and religions make me cringe now that I am more aware of them, but I wonder how many people are able to recognize them as flawed generalizations. The education system here is a mess. For instance, what I have heard from high school teachers here is that students are passed on to the next grade level whether or not they have proficiency in the skills they are supposed to learn at their current grade level. Then there is the problem of people being too distracted by their cell phones and iPods and other gadgets to pay attention to what is going on around them.

    A sad example of people not thinking clearly happened in the recent California elections when a surprising number of voters voted for a senator who was arrested and indicted for arms trafficking and corruption. There was not enough time to remove his name from the election ballot. Despite press coverage of his arrest and indictment, he received 300,000 votes!

    One of the best things I ever did was to keep the television set turned off most of the time. That way I have more time to do more meaningful things besides watching worthless TV shows, and I am less influenced by government propaganda and garbage messages from advertisers, which are filled with logical fallacies.

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    1. I agree, television certainly does not help (perhaps it never did) either and keep feeding the numb drivel in the name of entertainment and news. Schooling and education standards is a global concern and 24/7 chat obsession and addictive games is creating significant gaps in children’s learning.

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