Return to Saigon

Defeated, lost
Nearly killed
ego destroyed
Courage fried
vanity is the enemy
not the Củ Chi tunnel man
locate sensibility
find nobility
before annihilation

Here are few humble shots from the glorious Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam, the city has expanded, modernised immensely in the last ten years that architecturally it is unrecognisable from the past. However the soul of the city is very much alive with amazing evenings, smiling welcoming people and humbleness in its core. So it is my kind of city πŸ™‚

20140204-123400 pm.jpg

20140204-123408 pm.jpg

20140204-123427 pm.jpg

20140204-123416 pm.jpg

20140204-123952 pm.jpg

20140204-123943 pm.jpg

50 thoughts on “Return to Saigon”

  1. It is amazing to see new face of Vietnam… I love Vietnamese art, there are some favurite painters I love. But of course the cities have been changing and we can’t catch them easily. So how nice to watch them now… Thank you dear AB, they are wonderful photographs. Love, nia

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      1. Air is bad
        Roads uneven
        Land too foreign
        Language unknown
        Simple people
        Make all the difference
        Having smiles
        Of their own πŸ™‚


    1. I like it like that πŸ™‚ unusual unreal unbelievable colours, unexpected shades, that is my thing πŸ™‚ make the world how you want to see it, as colours don’t really exist they are mere reflection of sunlight or us πŸ™‚


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