beyond grief, beyond belief

I wrote this to mourn deaths of dozens of innocent children killed in a inhumane attack on a school in Peshawar in December 2014

news reel lost its time
repeating, reminding, binding
us in this tragedy together

they were light in a dark night
they were day, gold in clay
all they wanted was to play

enjoy life, make smiles language of universe
who gave you the right to end their dream
who gave you the right to bend the fabric

and do the sin which even Satan disowns
he hates that we call you evil, as you are far above it
do you breath, is it blood in your food

human fingers in your soup,
when you sleep do you sleep on
skulls of mothers and their unborn children

do you live, is it life what you call
recall every moment when you were young
were you young or abomination appeared randomly

what is consciousness to you
yes mastermind, deathly blind,
merciless monster, why would you kill

and fill, thousand cauldron with sweet children’s blood
thud, thud, thud, thud, that’s sound when each one of
our lights to this universe were broken and bled

bullets you had, they are asking for our forgiveness
but you, I don’t wish you death, I don’t wish you life
I wish that you are presented, to each child’s parent

who look you in the eye, asking which piece of you they take
in memory of their child, and bit by bit we take you apart
examine your brain while you are alive,

torture yes we should torture you just before death
then let you eat your excrement, let you drink your urine
never let you die, each day we play smiling blossoming voices

of our loved ones in front of you and say to you
While you can not see as we took your eyes
while your can not say as we cut your tongue,

but we let your ears alone, hear the laughter you muted
hundreds of lives you refuted, what say you,
just shake your head, denying our dead

the life they could had, and we cry, sky, Earth
Galaxy, stars, God, Satan, Angels, Devils,
Humans, animals, insects, creatures

cry, shed their tears, for ones who have fallen
for insanity of humanity…even all created beings
are questioning your birth on this earth,

divine shaking her head, bemused, questioning
why granted free will…..and I say I don’t want it
I want to be slave, just make this monster go away

let us have our children back, let them play
erase our memories, wash that blood from the clay
remove this worst of the worst days
I beg, wish and pray and try to sleep my way
To abyss…


62 thoughts on “beyond grief, beyond belief”

    1. Absolutely heart wrenching, brings extreme feelings of grief and sorrow!! and utter helplessness in front of this beyond belief cruelty and death!


  1. And when people try and tell me they don’t believe in evil, I can’t believe it. How can one not believe in evil when stuff like this happens?
    AB, you have a choice. Free will is an act of love. Who wants to be loved by a robot. There’s no relationship in that. And anyhow, we all have a choice to be a slave to one or the other. A slave to righteousness (in which true freedom and peace is found), or a slave to sin.
    I know there aren’t any pat answers. And I’m not pretending there are, nor that I know how to explain it all away. These things are much to great for my tiny little finite understanding.
    You have a deep and caring heart AB. So obvious through this, and many other poems.

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  2. May the lost souls rest in peace. And the living get the courage to fight through this hard time and may they also find some peace. Prayers for all at such a horrific and sad account.

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  3. I was deeply saddened to hear the news about what happened to that poor teacher and her students in Pakistan today. I can certainly understand the anger, frustration, and sorrow that you feel about this horrible act. The darkness of human nature is intensified by inhuman ideology. There is no divine reason, mercy, or compassion in people who try to reach heaven by making life hell for everyone else on earth. What troubles me is that this will not be the last time that innocent lives will be lost in such a senseless, tragic manner. Yes, prayers are definitely in order in these troubling times.

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    1. Thank you so much for your support, indeed there is some much darkness, we certainly need all the lights in the world to show some hope to parents of those young souls and a nation in deep mourning!

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      1. I will will see, I wish we can somehow undo what has been done…I normally post four poems a day, since this I have only written about them… Would like to dedicate this week to them… They deserve a beautiful life and complete failure by all of us have made them part of deep dark history of humanity


      2. May it never…Amen!
        It is like they cut a chunk of our glorious future.😬😢May God help us eradicate the rotten souls from our dear homeland.Amen.We really do need Divine help..


    1. Neha, time will come when weak will rise, when life have true enlightenment, human will see each other human, respects divine and love nature, just hope that doesn’t happen in the last blink of humanity’s extinction sigh, before the last sapien die!

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  4. I heard about the suicide bomber in Pakistan on the news yesterday, and sadly I saw some pictures of the injured and dead people too. It is frustrating that these senseless killings have to happen again and again not only there but all over the world. Take care, my dear friend.

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    1. Dear Arlene,
      Humans at their worst, when their actions are worst then demons, devil himself, it is difficult to describe such atrocities in words!!
      Thank you so much.
      Kindest regards,

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      1. Yes, I agree, AB. I also feel sorrow and anger when people commit horrible acts like this to intentionally hurt and kill innocent people. There is already so much suffering in the world without these despicable people adding to everyone’s misery. I hope one day this madness will stop.

        You are welcome, AB. I know you care about what happens in your homeland, and such awful news can be hard to take.

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