hardship, inhumane, downright cruel
simpleton, duffer, taken as a fool
worse than animals, taken out of school
how long will you rule, judgment day upon us

20140522-114442 am-42282666.jpg

28 thoughts on “Place”

  1. I was moved by this sad picture and poem. They brought to mind other social tragedies I learned from reading the posts of other WordPress bloggers. It pains me to know that female babies are being killed in India and China because they are not valued as highly as males and that women and children being forced into prostitution because they have no education, skills, or other opportunities. I recently learned that human trafficking is a big problem here in the United States and even here in Sacramento. There is so much suffering (and corruption) in this world.

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    1. Over 60 billion land animals and more than 1 trillion, possibly as many as 3 trillion or more, aquatic animals and killed every year by humans for nothing more than our pleasure, amusement or convenience. Nothing necessary for our survival. So, yes, it’s way worse than we thought.

      Not only is this massively morally wrong, but it actually CAUSES all of the systemic human rights atrocities that exist.

      Thankfully, there is away for you and I to completely withdraw our participation in all of these wrongs:


  2. Sorry to be likely too wealthy to be really conscious. But this picture tells me about humanity up coming, sunshine, and I see the smile of the child hidden, the beauty and power of the humble animal. Once again, sorry but I knowledge can be a huge load on your thoughts. 😉

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      1. Je disais juste qu’une certaine aisance matérielle m’empèche probablement d’être vraiment conscient( implicitement de ce que cette photo représente pour vous ). Mais cette photo me parle de l’humanité s’élevant, la lumière du soleil, et je vois le sourire de l’enfant caché, la beauté et la puissance d’ l’humble animal. A nouveau , désole mais la connaissance peut etre un fardeau qui tire vos pensées vers le bas.

        excuse the naive occidental child. I see more hope than pain for humanity in that picture. Because of the child that smile almost hidden for example. Forget it.

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      2. I understand, thank you for that wonderful, full of hope thought, optimism is carrying this world forward and we certainly need in abundance so your perception is very welcome, thank you 😀

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