Life has passed
nothing to show
spending last days
vegetative state
In early years
should have stayed late
made people laugh
changed my fate
now my dear
It’s too late

20140521-025941 am.jpg

16 thoughts on “Deadwood”

  1. AB, I love all of your poems. I know I have said this before, but I am saying it again. 🙂 All of your poems and post have such great meaning and really makes one think. Have a very Merry Christmas and holiday. May you 2015 be your year!


    1. Dear Cheryl, Your message certainly made my otherwise extremely busy week 😀 thank you very much and a Fabulous Christmas and Brilliant glowing beautiful new year to you as well! Kindest regards, AB


  2. Love it!

    If you please, here’s an extract from my chapbook, “Selected Snippets”…


    Tattered and torn, tossed about by whipping wind
    Landing in a watery grave of stream, River, ocean
    I have drifted long upon the ripples, currents, breakers
    Only to wash ashore on sand as black as that night…

    The waters have whitewashed me; the sun dried me
    As I lay subjected to changing climatic elements
    Certain to fossilize or simply cease to be-
    Cease to be, that is, in the eye of the beholder…

    Surly, an offshoot of decaying root will revive my essence
    Be it reaching for the sun, or dancing in the whipping winds!


    Metaphor intended 😉


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