Scent lasting centuries

love transcends words
let you fly together
beyond body, soul
eyes glare, heart’s flare

just sweet smell
of a deep red rose
subtlety of pink leaves
air weaves, dancing to the hymn

of affection, soul satisfaction
death captures so soon,
before noon of love,
story does not end

after billion bends
universe turns
mind wakes up again,
consciousness regain

feeling what was
left behind, other half
of soul, now mind has one goal
salvation is in embrace

And then you see her
long white robe with grace
her hair hold a deep red rose
from a long gone era

of centuries past, of memories lost
given by a destitute
which constituted
best gift forever

20140203-044149 am.jpg

48 thoughts on “Scent lasting centuries”

  1. You want all us girls to do nothing else and just keep staring at your masterpiece…its so beautiful…I can keep admiring its beauty whole day…m loving it…you made my day AB πŸ™‚


  2. Son coeur est magnifique .. les pΓ©tales sont superbes
    si je devais donner un nom a cette rose se serait renaissance parce qu’elle est parfaite :-*


  3. I just wanted to say thank you for bringing so much incredible beauty and love to the world with your blog. It inspires and brings one to a place of reflection and appreciation. I never visit your site and leave with anything but a smile and a passion to treasure this gift of life! Thank you.


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