Travel is hard
Road uneven
your carriage
is old, rusty
Road is dusty
You carry on
A thought carries you
Impending embrace
ferries you
Waiting at the end
a loved one
Makes the journey
smooth sailing
Ignoring ailing
creaking ship
toils will be
soon forgotten
Get to the shore!
Rekindle amour!

20131228-123618 am.jpg

81 thoughts on “Journey”

    1. Thank you for the absolutely flattering comment, I hope so too the some day humanity is more fair and there is respite for the poor! It was more of a wish in my mind to make their journey less taxing.


    1. Thank you sir for you kind comment, journey are there, we need to choose which ones we are going to take…easy ones or the hard ones…hard ones may or may not be rewarding, no guarantees, just life would be more exciting or painful depending on our perspective.


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  2. The combination of the photograph and the words that compared our tired bodies at the end of the day to a ship, and how we get to the shore and join our loved ones, and are refreshed by those relationships.
    I love your poetry.


      1. Thank you for info. (And please forgive my bad typing.) I was excited to read I can utilize your photos for my blog as long as I acknowldge you are the photgrapher. I hope that is true…? I often use photos as part of my essays and short stories and have used others’ as well. I can link readers back to your blog as well.If you have changed your policy, please let me know. Regards.


      2. Absolutely, pleased to know that you will be using my work. Good to hear that you will acknowledge the source and will link it to my blog, all well received and appreciated.


  3. Expression of love waxes and wanes. I love this one poem from How to Make an American Quilt:

    “Young lovers seek perfection. Old lovers learn the art of sewing shreds together and of seeing beauty in a multiplicity of patches.”

    Your poem reminded me once again that love is beautifully imperfect.

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    1. Many thanks for the beautiful share, perfection is the wrong thing to seek in relationships, it is the everlasting bond, sense of belonging and most importantly elation of emotions in each other presence what counts.

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