what a smile tell us
is it real
or mere fake
over the moon
deep inside a lake

a distraction
for sanity sake
wishing the world
on a birthday cake

greed and gold
pure satisfaction
young or old
out of affection

soft lines on cheeks
pleasure leaks
demanding attention
lust seeks

innocent eyes
never tell lies
true happiness
reveals and shies

a moment long
forever present
full moon flare
admiring crescent

years pass
memories fade
will never forget
that smile you had


8 thoughts on “Smiles”

  1. Smile ;
    Is it a window to your soul
    Or innocence not wanting to get old
    Warm or Cold
    A smile can run the world

    It takes no work to smile
    But to smile seeing past the pain
    Is the smile that lights up the world
    For it’s a selfless act of kindness not seeking any gain …


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