23 thoughts on “Life”

    1. Your kiss stays
      So does your love
      Even your lust stays
      In our passionate cove
      Life becomes a moment
      That moment eternity long
      When you sing that song
      of Infectious affection
      I get lost forever
      Don’t believe me
      Come into my eyes
      See. Feel. There are no lies
      Between us
      Kiss me, thus
      Live forever

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  1. the songs
    we have sung
    thread us to eternity
    my whispers, your words
    flow unbounded by time
    in them, I too
    have found serenity

    I hear what you say
    but lust is of the mind
    feelings can sway
    see if its your soul
    that wants me
    because my sweet,
    hearts can change

    life has its ways
    in our space
    I’ll stay, I’ll live
    till our love remains

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    1. This is absolutely beautiful, I am thoroughly enjoying jamming with you HB πŸ™‚

      Infinite moments
      Each moment of
      thousand millions years
      Each year of thousand million days
      You will live, you will stay
      Love is guaranteed
      Even if my life in not warrantied
      In the coffin, when a rose petal
      will touch my face
      My soul will race
      To kiss you
      As I beg leave
      I will miss you
      In the highest of heavens
      you are the missing link
      to my soul
      I will even let God think
      Before moving me away from you

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      1. let the letters fade
        ink me in your heart
        there, I am bound to stay
        for spring comes
        even after death
        roses bloom
        even when nothings left

        life isn’t warrantied
        neither are our breaths
        forgetful, we misconceive them
        putting people we love
        through trials and test

        so before you leave
        to God, I’ll make a plea
        that we meet again
        right around the bend
        forever together
        never apart
        into the light
        in oneness
        we’ll transcend

        p.s. uff kya likhtay ho! πŸ™‚ pleasure is all mine AB x

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      2. Last tryst
        Spring flowers move with your steps
        Birds sings, smiling, kissing your lips
        Bend littered with countless broken hearts
        Ones which never saw your perfect endearing eyes
        Looking at this humble, insignificant being
        Coming closer and closer you extend
        Your beautiful soft rose hand
        To be held, kissed, worshiped even
        in those heavenly dreams I believe in
        Sandals come off those beautiful feet
        Clouds make way and retreat
        In blue we just fly
        floating to the seventh sky
        When my hand touches your arm
        my soul just lose it, heart disarms
        Misgivings I had of death
        That’s all I want instead
        To be with you till eternity

        PS: khaksaar hein, aap say kia mwaazna karein
        Kahan josh e aatish, jobhan jawani,
        kahan maatee ka putla, raat begaani πŸ™‚

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      Let it be
      Feelings can see
      As it can change
      A moment left unsatisfied
      Leaves footprints of regret
      Hurts can be nursed
      Mistakes can be lessons
      But regrets have no known cure
      Mum C

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