Rugs and riches – Abu Dhabi Sheik Zayed Masjid interiors

lamps, chandeliers
carpets of thousand colours
granite, marble tiles,
mother Earth riles
such expense
at whose cost
piercing million holes
extracting more and more
humanity living folklore
happily ever after

I have shown you through my humble lens the outside of the majestic Sheikh Zayed Masjid, let’s now see the colour of interiors and fascinating patterns. Absolutely amazing human creation. There is a bit more thought provoking poem at the top on how humanity is using earth treasures, it’s minerals, energy assuming this will last forever. Have we thought about sustainable solution for our future generations.

20140102-054254 am.jpg

20140102-054308 am.jpg

20140102-054320 am.jpg

20140102-054332 am.jpg

20140102-054347 am.jpg

20140102-054759 am.jpg

49 thoughts on “Rugs and riches – Abu Dhabi Sheik Zayed Masjid interiors”

  1. Another great set of photos πŸ˜€ living in AD I have been to the mosque many many times with visitors but it’s always great to see it through other peoples eyes or should that be lense? I have some photos of it in my blog don’t know if you saw them but yours are truly wonderful both the exterior and interior ones πŸ˜ƒ


    1. I would love to, but currently I am quite constrained as I am unable to access WordPress site for the next few days. I will surely visit soon.


    1. I am humbled Anna, that my most ordinary place has been mentioned in the same sentence to the mystical mythical place. Thank you so much and have a most wonderful Sunday πŸ˜„


  2. Oil money WASTED to glorify Sheik ZayEd. There are 80 million Arab who sleep hungry.Millions of Muslims children die for not having hospital.There are 10 Egyptian have no place to sleep but the CEMETERIES . IS THIS WHAT THEIR ALLAH SAYS ? Is this what the QURAN says?


    1. Evolution is still far away my dear, the hypocrisy in not just in this region, it is a global, phenomenon of greed and cult of opulence thrives from east to west!


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