What colour is your thought

Black, White, Yellow, Green
What colour is your thought?
If it doesn’t matter
Now or later

And It is the quality
Which makes it good
Or prove it better
Than why see only skin deep

judge people,
fudge facts
smudge acts
Don’t discriminate

Do not discriminate
It incriminates,
makes you a criminal
An animal

and I thought
we were that
few thousand years ago
Let go, your ego

Proud about your skin
burn it in a racism bin
hearts you need to win
And they are all red

Connected by the same
helix thread
Beating drums
affection led

Warm heart will
souls gather
A rainbow made
of peacock feather

Empathy, honour,
kindness bought
That is my favourite
colour of thought

49 thoughts on “What colour is your thought”

    1. Dear Ana, Thank you so much, the subject matter is quite difficult so I had to use some shock word visuals, glad they spoke to you. Kindest regards AB


  1. I hate to sound like a hum-bug, but until the Media quits fanning the flames, racism will never die—in America at least. The Politicians here use it as a tool to keep the Nation divided. The riots going on in Ferguson, Mo. are a blaring example, and not really that unusual. It all depends on ‘the circumstances’ as to how severe the reporting is.

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      1. That is perfectly fine, I enjoy getting strong heart felt opinions, shows me people react to my humble words which is the ultimate gratification a poor poet like myself can ever receive and dare I say enjoy. Thank you so much and have a wonderful weekend.


    1. I agree, but to me media and politicians fuel it because the inherent feeling is already in the community or they play with normal human prejudices. It keep viewing numbers up and they get their votes. Shameful human behaviour but then who said money and power doesn’t corrupt!!


    1. This is for all of us who face discrimination at any end. Here is something for you Ramallah girl

      I have no way of imagining
      what you live through,
      only have hope,
      affection and pray
      that I live the day
      you have your freedom
      when I am still alive.
      no matter how weak
      how old, I am
      I will come,
      I will dance
      on the street
      of Ramallah
      on the beat of دف duf
      in the arid road rough
      scare Ravens,
      drink all taverns
      and smiles so much
      tears form a pool
      you all rule
      what is rightly, morally
      humanly yours
      and I want to see
      with glee, the real spring
      how it born out
      of blood of martyrs
      mere kids, starters
      just few stones,
      in those innocence palms
      before Friday psalms
      made the impossible

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      1. my friend from the occupied lands, may your tears bring a prayer which is listened to highest court of justice and May that justice be served for your people. I love humanity and yours is best (how you mutually survive in a million plus jail) and worst (how oppressor treats oppressed while they know the pains of the same from some 80 years ago) example of human treating other humans. I pray for our redemption, their salvation when they finally open their eyes and your freedom.

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  2. I love it…May God bless you with your love ones.


    Negro, blanco, amarillo, verde
    ¿De qué color es tu pensamiento?
    Si no importa
    Ahora o más tarde

    Y Es la calidad
    Lo que lo hace bueno
    O demostrarlo mejor
    Que por qué sólo veo de color de piel

    juzgar a las personas,
    por su hechos
    actos de la mancha
    No discriminar

    No discriminar
    Se incrimina,
    te hace un criminal
    un animal

    y pensé
    nos encontramos que
    Hace unos cuantos miles de años
    deja ir, su ego

    Orgulloso de su piel
    quemarla en un contenedor de racismo
    corazones que necesitan ganar
    Y son todos de color rojo

    Conectados por la misma
    hilo hélice
    tocando tambores
    afecto dirigido

    Voluntad corazón caliente
    almas se reúnen
    Un arco iris hecho
    de plumas de pavo real

    La empatía, el honor,
    amabilidad compró
    Esa es mi favorito
    color del pensamiento.

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