You say:
They don’t really
care about us
(or was it MJ)
Humanity keeps
its poor in cages,
Favelas, in slums
No water to drink
No fire to burn
even our sorrow
No hope for tomorrow
Rich becomes richer
Poverty more intense
Life worse than your dogs
without essence

They say:
We are trying to help
To get you out
of living hell
To make you understand
To make you human
You have to contribute
You have to work hard
No amount of our help
Will make you smart
However we help
It will fall apart
So drop your begging bowl
Change your living ways
Come and help us
To make this earth
a better place
The fire will come
The water will run
Life less hurting
Some shining sun

I look at this paradox
These contrasting views
My nomadic life
offer nothing of use
Unable to join
any of the herds
All I can write
these scribblings,
These words!!

20140123-072741 am.jpg</

90 thoughts on “Paradox”

  1. I can’t imagine living like this.
    I grew up very poor…but we had a small house on some land and were able to have a garden and fruit trees and chickens.
    Your poem (your words) do inform, make me think, and ignite my emotions.
    HUGS, πŸ™‚


  2. I love the favelas. I was in rio a few years back and the juxtaposition between the city and favelas is incredible. You’re one talented photographer!


    1. Yes Rio is amazing, I actually visited Santa Marta favela few weeks back, you are too kind, photography is a passion, and I am pleased that you like my humble shots πŸ™‚


  3. Hey AB. If we look at a lot of the realities in this world, we may feel so totally helpless. We may think, “What could I possibly do to make a difference?” Just as I was watching the movie, “Not today” (Amazing-if you haven’t seen it, it’s one I suggest), I cried throughout the entire thing. How could I possibly help these young girls that are sold in the human trafficking ring? How could little-old-me make a difference? But you know, we can. With one little piece of art. Opening the eyes of others. Even if it’s just a few. The organization I work with (YWAM) reaches out into each of the seven areas of influence in society, the arts being one of them. Art influences and makes a difference. Be encouraged.
    Blessings =)

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    1. I agree, hence I have tried to highlight this with my really ordinary words and images…it is great that you are personally involved making a of luck in your endeavours!


  4. Thank you for sharing your words. You are making a difference, even if it frustratingly seems like not enough. I have thought about rescinding what privilege I had, thinking that might be part of the solution. I fear it would only increase the problem. There are other ways to change how we treat the earth and each other. There was a time in my life I had no place to land, even though I lived fairly well. I had a house but no home and felt like a wanderer of the world. It’s not something I would wish for. Blessings to you.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement, if we all try to make a difference in our little ways, I am sure it will change the world for the better.


  5. Great Post!
    Every one seems right these days Mr.AB, people come forth with their extraordinary creative logic to defend oneself. Be it the establishment or a common man. At times I feel am in a “Everyone wants to be right” race.

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    1. That is a excellent way of expressing it Anne, thank you so much. I agree, perhaps one of the issues is that power is concentrated in few hands and similarly apathy is increasing in the society. In my view events in Ferguson proves that at some point disenfranchised section of the society says that enough is enough and go on a rampage knowing too well that they don’t have much to lose as a consequence.

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      1. You speak too good. You should stand a election I’ll vote for you πŸ˜€

        On a serious note, when you speak about injustice your Uni patriotic friends calls you an “anti” and when you speak of patriots you are labeled as an “ignorant” by the oppressed. Becomes difficult. Then the only song I remember is “it’s not always rainbows and butterflies”.

        I am talking too much today. I must avoid reading such posts πŸ˜›

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      2. Dear AB, I am humbled by your kind words. Re unable to be on a side, on such matters I just take one side, which is my own, and it is about humanity. The current power struggles globally are just insanity and provides reason for cruelity. The solution lies in small community governance and a global government who only deal with human rights, rule of law and distribution of essential resources. Perhaps this becomes reality by 2100 and by that time I will be long gone πŸ˜€

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  6. Great poem and yes, I think, many of us feel similarly. We wish it were different and wonder how we can do our little bit, play our small part. Thanks for both the theme and the poem and image.

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